Timberframe Homes
Timberframing, an ancient method of construction, is distinguished by its massive posts and beams interlocked with mortise & tenon joinery and can be designed to complement any building style.
Timberframes can be cut in the wood of your choice. The frame is planed with chamfered edges, oiled, and then left exposed on the interior of the home - creating a breathtaking effect of breitling replica watch open spaces and craftsmanship rarely seen in this century. The exterior of the frame is ilgauss srchives covered with a highly energy-efficient blanket of foam core panels. The result is a home of unmatched beauty, value, energy efficiency, and design flexibility. Frames can be cut from Eastern White Pine or Douglas Fir, can be hand-hewn and/or have an aged, weathered appearance.
Naples, New York, Project
1900 sq. ft.

Built using a Traditional Timberframe Post and Beam Home System. The footprint for this home is 24' x 38'. The cartier watch center section of the frame is open to the 30’ ceiling, with an upstairs master bedroom and a connecting loft.

Seasonal Cottage
Lake Project
800 sq. ft.
Built using a Traditional Timberframe Style.

1999 Airport Road Warren, Vermont 05674 802.496.4072